6 Tips for Careful Studio Apartment Bathroom Planning

Due to practicality in space, a studio apartment bathroom usually gets the smallest slice of the floor plan pie.

More than any other parts, this is where utmost creativity is needed. Even if a door keeps its contents out of the view, you must still devote considerable effort to make sure everything here is organized.

Use aluminum-fronted cabinets to keep clutter in check - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 75a

Use aluminum-fronted cabinets to keep clutter in check

Placing a row of aluminum-fronted cabinets can help keep bathroom clutter in its rightful place. Also, having walls tiled in a similar color palette creates a sleek look. Consider installing a small wall-mounted radiator that fits neatly under the sink, and double ups as a to towel dryer on a swing-out rail.

Even if there is little room for in a studio apartment bathroom, your priority should be a space for the shower. All you need is a shower head, a tiled wall, and a hole in the floor.

A mirror placed at eye-level is both functional and pleasing to the eye - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 75b

A mirror placed at eye-level is both functional and pleasing to the eye

However, shower trays are generally best located in a corner or built into cabinet rows. Having rigid enclosures will make it look more polished, and reduces the risk of splashing the rest of the room. Shower curtains, however, will allow you to move around tight corners.

6 Tips in Planning Your Bathroom           

  1. Try to put fittings near their relevant water supply or soil pipe as much as possible, but make an efficient use of space your priority.
  2. Sinks and wall-mounted toilets will make the room look larger.
  3. Most companies make scaled-down sinks and toilets, but often not always suitable for daily use. Instead, buy a normal-sized model and save space in other ways — perhaps by choosing wall-mounted faucets, or a shape that takes up less room.
  4. Ventilation and proper heating are vital, the former to ensure that your decorative efforts are not ruined by the twin evils of odor and condensation, and the latter to make bath time as much of a pleasure as possible.
  5. Lights should make the room comfortable and safe to use. To avoid glare around mirrors, point light toward the user. Also, try to ensure that there is even light for make-up and shaving.
  6. Remember, water and electricity don’t mix. There should be no naked wires, and all fittings should be installed by a licensed electrician.

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