Studio Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Large baths set in vast area of pink marble exist merely in the pages of your favorite novel. As somebody living in a studio/small apartment, we have to generally make the most out of our limited space. In some cases, a studio apartment bathroom of only 24 square feet in some apartments is commonplace.

Make the most of the height of your bathroom with wall-mounted shelves for storage - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 74a

Make the most of the height of your bathroom with wall-mounted shelves for storage

A studio apartment bathroom can also be changed into a lavish retreat though. However, it does help if you are starting from square one; only then can you carefully choose the color of fittings and put them to make the best use of space.

While not impossible, pulling off the same action with inherited fittings is more difficult. It just takes willingness and care to be inventive with color.

Create a Layout

A sample bathroom layout

A sample bathroom layout

Drawing up a scale plan is essential for the design of a small apartment bathroom. If you are not confident of your drafting skills, use a manufacturer’s brochure planning guide (or make a mock up yourself!)

The ready-made squares on paper and cut-out cardboard shapes (e.g. baths, showers, toilet) can help you properly layout your bathroom. After marking the bathroom’s floor area on paper, move the shapes around it.

Although it is feasible to move inherited fittings around, the job takes considerable patience and skill. Not to mention, it is also not the cheapest option.

You can opt, however, to build cabinets under the sink or the bath. While potentially taking up more space, it will, however, accomplish the task of adding storage.

Putting on a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world, but be careful in choosing the right type of paint that is steam-resistant. Murals and other decorative effects on the walls and ceiling can also guide the eye and provide a pleasing focal point.

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