Designing the Kitchen

Most kitchens are used in different ways. The modern kitchen, in addition to being the place for regular food preparation, may sometimes function as an entertainment, office or even a laundry area. It also has the potential of being the heart of your home if you have ample sitting space.

But if you never even cook or eat at home, having a conventional kitchen is a waste of space. Instead, opt for a closection with a microwave oven, range top and built-in refrigerator, rangetop.

Planning Your Kitchen          

This small apartment kitchen uses the space's height to the maximum - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 40a

This small apartment kitchen uses the space’s height to the maximum

Whatever its size, a well-thought out kitchen is one in which the storage zones, cooking facilities and food preparation areas are all close at hand.

Professional planners start by putting the refrigerator, range and sink so that the distances between them are kept to a minimum (also known as the working triangle). Remember to provide worktop space to each point of the triangle, so that there is always somewhere to put utensils and food when you are preparing/cooking food.

Next, closely think of how you shop, prepare, and serve your food. If you don’t shop often and almost never cook for more than one or two people, this should also be reflected in the design of your kitchen. You should have a spacious pantry and a large freezer, and less room devoted to dishes and pans.

On the other hand, if you entertain guests frequently and if daily shopping is necessary, you will need plenty of storage and counter-space for saucepans and tableware, and less food storage for the long-term.

Small-Space Kitchen Compromise

Quaint is an understatement to describe this kitchen top --- Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 14c

Quaint is an understatement to describe this kitchen top

Of course, you would also have to sometimes compromise. You may be able to live without a full range of appliances, so carefully choose those that do the jobs you hate most.

There may not be room for more than two sets of china (e.g. one for entertaining and one for everyday use), so select a set that you will be able to use on both instances.

The discussion of storage is often made complicated. But as a golden rule, you should store items very near to where they get the most use. In very studio/small apartments, it is a good idea to store them between hip and shoulder height to prevent repeated bending and stretching in a confined space.

The insides of some built-in units make despicable use of space. Nevertheless, they can be improved by taking out the central shelf and replacing it with baskets on runners. If this is not probable, clip-on accessories are a good alternative (such as racks for glasses).

Work Area

The most accessible area in the room is the worktop, therefore, it should be a place for those items that are constantly used. These could be knife blocks or a coffee maker.

Prevent yourself from putting decorative clutter which can become annoying in the event that you need extra space in cooking an elaborate meal.

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