Kitchen Storage

Storage should be carefully considered in an already small space. The unfitted versus fitted storage discussion rings the loudest in a studio apartment kitchen.

There are those who insist that only built-in units make the most efficient use of space. While for others, they stand by durability and inherent charm of freestanding furniture.

A basement kitchen with built-in appliances - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 42a

A basement kitchen with built-in appliances

But there is a middle-way, and the most sensible solution is using a mixture of the two. For instance, the basement kitchen in the photo shows a run of units with built-in appliances. Doing so make cleaning so much easier, as compared to a range and old-fashioned cabinets.

Tradition with Modernity

A country inspired kitchen with adequate work area - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 43a

A country inspired kitchen with adequate work area

But traces of tradition are here to stay. You can put a farmhouse-style table and a quarry-tiled floor. If you have fireplace, it can also serve as the focal point of the kitchen.

In the country kitchen pictured above, a butcher’s block gives a stable yet workable surface. It can also prevent the sofa from looking as though it has been left alone in the middle of the room. Meanwhile, a sideboard and a chest of drawers fit snugly into a wall space.

Banks of fitted cabinets are seldom the solution for a small kitchen because its doors and framework take up a lot of space. As the kitchens on the photo show, it is better to use rails, shelves, and plenty of hooks to hang stuff on in a compact space. Have a lot of fun displaying kitchen items!

Kitchen Storage Solution

Opt for an open storage system to make this space functional and welcoming at the same time - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 44a

Opt for an open storage system to make this space functional and welcoming at the same time

The open storage above  provides this galley kitchen a practical yet welcoming feel.

Although the owner’s fondness for all things fishy creates a whimsical touch, the kitchen’s greatest asset is its layout. All of the things can be located, used, and returned to their proper place with minimal effort.

This area is also a thoroughfare, so breakable items are kept in the back or high up to reduce the risk of being toppled over. Open shelves are guaranteed by adding thin fabric rails.

The whole section is painted a somber color to help make a decorative feature of the items displayed, and to hide the fact that it consists of several units. The sink area is clear with wall-mounted faucets.

A dramatic kitchen with white tiling, stainless steel and accents of bright color - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 45a

A dramatic kitchen with white tiling, stainless steel and accents of bright color

In this small apartment kitchen, bright color, white tiling and stainless steel provide an equally dramatic background. A suspended shelf and hanging baskets are utilized to keep counter space clear of clutter. Meanwhile, heavy and delicate items are safely kept on low­ level shelves or in pull-out cabinets.

10 Best Tricks for Small Apartment Kitchen Display and Storage 

  1. In very small apartments, medium­ density fiberboard panels set in sliding door tracks can be utilized to replace traditional cabinet doors. Also, conceal storage shelves behind washable fabric drapes hung on plastic-coated wire. Carefully measure the cabinet’s width, and double the number to correctly estimate the amount of fabric needed.
  2. Short lengths of plastic-coated wire can be affixed inside cabinet doors to secure saucepan lids. This makes them easier to look for, and creates additional space inside for bulkier items.
  3. Corner cabinets are the worst offenders when it comes to wasted space. However, they can be enhanced if fitted with shelves and turntable baskets swinging out when opening the door.
  4. Open shelves for utensils and food should be located away from steamy areas, such as the range and sink. However, putting a plate rack near the sink can eliminate the need for a draining board. A wall-mounted rack secured over the rangetop could be used to warm serving dishes and plates.
  5. Runs of narrow shelving in the space between wall cabinets and worktops are perfect for storing packages and small cans.
  6. Hidden fluorescent strips underneath wall units keep work surfaces shadow free. Ceiling fittings should be angled so that they clearly light the interiors of wall cabinets and shelves. Use covered spotlights for maximum effect.
  7. The door swing on big appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators can create difficulties in tight corners. Some manufacturers have tried to solve this by making pull-out models that work rather like large drawers.
  8. Smaller-than-usual ovens are often multi-purpose, adding a broiler, conventional over, and a microwave. They can be built into the base units or wall, and would need only to be added with a two-burner rangetop to respond to all your cooking options.
  9. All major appliances brand are nowadays available in slim line or compact line versions. However, their size prevents their usability for large families.
  10. To save space, spend in a trash compactor and waste disposal unit.


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