Awkward Spaces, Galleries and Patterns

Not all spaces are created equal. In a perfect world, small apartment units are grid-like. But in order to maximize a lots, landlords even use the most eccentrically-shaped land. Unusually shaped rooms have its own charm, but they can be quite a challenge to furnish.

Dead space on the walls can be maximized by framed photos. The side table house personal pictures as well - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 52a

Dead space on the walls can be maximized by framed photos; the side table house personal pictures as well

A solution for this weird shape is to keep its walls plain and simple. You should also find ways to draw the eye onto the center of the room. This can be done by putting colorful furnishings, such as mirrors, which are of help even to an irregularly-shaped room. The more this is needed to make it appear symmetrical through a mirror reflection.

For collected treasures, you can try using pale yellow walls as a neutral backdrop, and at the same time, maximize the sense of space in this weirdly-shaped small apartment space. Opt for a wicker sofa, which is a lighter alternative both practically and visually, rather than using traditional upholstery.

Be aware of dark corners of the room by using carefully placed table lamps.

Your Own Gallery Space

Checked furnishings and lowered ceiling combined in this living room - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 54a

Checked furnishings and lowered ceiling combined in this living room

Simple checked furnishings and a lowered ceiling help create an atmosphere of cozy seclusion in this living room. Meanwhile, the gallery above it serves a touch of high (pun intended) drama.

Just like other galleries, it also acts as an over-sized shelf, which your overnight guests could crash in or house temporarily abandoned hobbies you may tackle upon in the future. For a place of refuge or study, you might need a larger gallery space which is not always available.

However, even where ceilings are not that high, it is still possible to create a snug sleeping platform, while devoting the space below for storage.

Like shelves, galleries can be cantilevered off a wall. This can be done through beams and brackets, or suspended from the ceiling, provided that the weight is not too much.

Complimenting Patterns

The ceiling given the illusion of height with the diagonal lines - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 55a

The ceiling give the illusion of height with the diagonal lines; same fabric with various patterns add characters as well

A careful choice of right furnishings in your apartment living room is often all you need to create an appropriate mood. This cottage living room had a casual, but pulled-together look through the use of the same fabric textures in different colors.

Patterns similar to this are better used in simple schemes. Placing accessories can create a mood of rustic calm.

However, you should not limit yourself to careful coordination and run the risk of being matchy-matchy. Effective small apartment living room design usually contains one or two surprises.

For instance, the beamed and steeply vaulted ceiling has a dramatic contrast with the furnishings below it. The lines of the striped ceiling give it the illusion of being higher than it actually is, and gives the room added splendor.

For an eccentric touch, add a patterned carpet with a quirky design.

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