Seating Options

Having a well thought out seating plan is essential to designing a small apartment. While it is not always wrong to sit on the floor (see the Japanese), careful seat planning can also increase the purpose of your apartment’s imaginary “floor area”.

For example, a wooden bench (wooden bench) can have several purposes. It mixes textures and colors in a classy yet welcoming way and, with the aid of scatter cushions and a thin mattress, it can sit three people for a comfortable dinner.

A wooden bench with plush cushions gives this space a welcoming quality - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 36a

A wooden bench with plush cushions gives this space a welcoming quality

Upon stowing away the table and dining chairs (the top of the table can be easily lifted from the base), it goes back to being an elegant sofa. With such a rigid structure, some people may find it difficult to relax.

However, it worth considering this type of sofa if you entertain lots of guests regularly. Furthermore, this option can also works effectively in a hall or lobby.

Like other wooden items, the bench enriches the simple, warm color scheme. Given its clean lines, it allows it to blend well with more modern pieces. A perennial problem for old wooden furniture is splinters. But a medium grade sandpaper quickly does the trick.

From Sitting to Sleeping

If making and unmaking the bed twice a day is too difficult of a task, a good alternative is a cleverly disguised divan bed. A simple cover made of hard-wearing fabric during the day a hides the bed-linen.

And adding scatter cushions and pillows can quickly transform it into an inviting extra-deep sofa. This method suits cluttered and casual rooms best of all; on the other hand, it works less well in minimal or formal interiors.

This divan bed is a good alternative for a memento-filled studio - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 37a

This divan bed is a good alternative for a memento-filled studio

Opt for a quilt and fitted sheets so that you make your bed easily. Use drawers in the base (if available) to store extra linen and quilt. Regularly tuning the mattress will ensure wear and tear is evened out.

Even with all efforts, clutter has the uncanny ability to simply take on a life of its own. Sometimes, rooms resist your best efforts to keep them tidy, and the.

Mementoes and a collection of pictures has spread to cover most of the table surfaces and walls, which subsequently made the room cramped and darker than it once was.

But looking at this “mess” closely and you will appreciate the richness of the overall effect. This has more than made up for any loss of space and light and, with the pay-off of a more character-filled room. Sometimes, it does not hurt to bend the rules.

6 Tips Before Buying a Multi-Purpose Furniture

  1. Sofas are not the only pieces of furniture that can be converted to beds. You can also use upholstered footstools and ottomans containing sofa bed mechanisms. There are even pieces where the top comes off to reveal a coffee table.
  2. Daybeds can be used for both sleeping and seating. While these were usually designed to be placed against a wall, they work as excellently as placed in the center of a room.
  3. A chair or stool that functions as steps is a necessary piece of furniture if you have high-­level storage or tall bookshelves .
  4. Blanket chests and trunks can double up as low tables and storage spaces.For occasional seating, put a  squab cushion on top these.
  5. When fitted with cabinets topped with a cushioned seat, the space in bay windows and other projecting windows works hardest.
  6. There are dining tables available in the marker that can be lowered to coffee-table height. Consider buying this type of table to maximize use.
  7. Use butler’s trays and trolleys that can also function side tables.

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