Living Considerations

At least in theory, living in a small studio apartment has much to offer. It is cheap to rent, incurs lower air-conditioning/heating bills, takes less cleaning, and, with careful design planning, it has the potential to be fuss-free.

A lot of single people, couples, and even families entertain, eat, sleep and live in just one room. There’s simply just no other options in most of the world’s major cities. However, few would deny design ideas for small apartments takes a great deal of planning. And many are overwhelmed with the task of creating a tasteful, practical space.

The study and sleeping area accessed from open stairs - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 22a

The study and sleeping area accessed from open stairs

It is possible to fit a range of activities into one – all it takes is a little imagination in efficiently using this small apartment space.

You can choose between these two main approaches:

  1. The first consists of keeping the room as open as you can. Do your best to keep furniture to a minimum and arrange them on the edges of the room.
  2. The alternative is to define your apartment into areas of activity. This can be done through changes in floor level, decorative materials, and screening.

The results should be easy to use, whichever  of the two you choose.

Simplicity is the Key

But after choosing one, how do you execute it? By keeping it simple!

The best-looking small studio apartments are those that use one or two good design ideas. These could be practical, such as a wall of wardrobe that includes the kitchen sink, or decorative, such as covering every surface in a rich, emerald green fabric (as seen in the photo). It is an exquisite way of tuning out the outside world.

An excellent way to create a glamorous mood is covering a space with rich fabrics and colors - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 20a

An excellent way to create a glamorous mood is covering a space with rich fabrics and colors

It also advisable to restrict your color palette to a family of closely related tones or color. You are less likely to tire of calming and neutral schemes. It is also fairly easy to bring in small amounts of bold, contrasting color as an accent. These could be vases of flowers, throw pillows or cushions.

While floor and wall surfaces should be durable enough to cope with daily use, they should also offer adequate plain background for pictures, rugs and furniture.

Moreover, floors need to feel comfortable and warm to your feet’s touch. Most of all, it should be easy to clean!

Identifying Your Small Apartment’s Shape

An extra space for the bed can be achieved even with a not too high ceiling - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 66a

Another important task is to organize your apartment’s space. The apartment’s shape will help you do this, especially if there will be changes of level (perhaps in the form of a gallery), and fixed points of interest (such as a fireplace or windows). The location of the kitchen, though, may already be predetermined depending on the location of the existing water supply.

Even if you start from scratch, it is always good to include level changes in the design. This is the best way of defining each sections in a single room. Alternatively, position large pieces of furniture in a way that they function as area markers without blocking the view. Last option is to put arches and screens as these are also elegant options of accomplishing the same thing.

Bed Basics

Several shades of white are used in this cozy bedroom - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 64a

The most important, and not to mention the largest, furniture in any small studio apartment is the one that you sleep or sit on. Most of the time, these can also function the same thing. Most renters choose a foldaway or a sofa bed.

The room’s floor plan should be able to effortlessly switch from bedroom to living room. Therefore, you should be careful of keeping the area in front of the folding bed or sofa open. Also, provide adequate storage for bed linen and other stuff. If these suggestions sound too cumbersome, a daybed could be the best option.

Whatever sleeping arrangement you decide upon, make sure that your bed has substantial back support. Sofa beds made out of foam are suitable only for occasional use. Look instead for a sofa bed that has a pocket-sprung mattress and a slatted base. The best ones guarantee that the mattress will fold without exerting too much pressure at the point of the fold.

Futons containing layers of cotton wadding are also appropriate. Many people are inclined towards the solid feel, and are increasingly available in a variety of designs.

A Room With a View

Reflect daylight in your living area through white surfaces - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 59b

The size and number of windows in your small studio apartment will also influence the layout. If you have an amazing view, it makes sense to put the furniture in way that you can enjoy it at all times.

In cases where your apartment does not benefit from a view, it is still best to keep windows clear from obstructions. Doing so will help make the most of natural light filtering in, and makes closing the blinds and draperies easier.

However, there are times that you can’t help placing pieces of furniture in front of the windows. If this is the option you choose, try to keep them as low and so as not to  fully obstruct the windows.

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