Best Studio Apartment Ideas

As you progress with your studio/small apartment design ideas campaign, you begin to appreciate the challenge of maximizing your limited space into pockets of defined area.

Changes in level create separate spaces in this loft-style, studio apartment - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 23a

Changes in level create separate spaces in this loft-style, studio apartment

Changing level turns a studio apartment into several and distinct spaces, such as in this photo of a bright small space. Putting open stairs (which leads to a galleried sleeping nook and study area) and leaving structural elements exposed will create a simple, stripped-back-to-basics atmosphere.

The beauty of this room derives from being able to view one area to another. Painting the entire space white gives the studio apartment a desirable freshness. At the same time, there are plenty of small, and not-so-small, patches of bright tones for your eyes to set upon.

If there is a strong sense of enclosure, as in a studio apartment gallery, wood tones guide your attention on the furniture and architecture. In another studio apartment, fabrics and rich colors help in creating a sophisticated and glamorous vibe.

A Piece to Feast Your Eyes Upon       

A traditional stove acts as a focal point in this open space -Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 24a

A traditional stove acts as a focal point in this open space

Giving your room a focal point may take some guts, but it always pays a lot. In this picture of converted barn, the stove functions as the traditional heat source for every nook and cranny. Putting it in the middle also creates several, separate but informal areas in a single room.

The sunken living space has a greater sense of enclosure by adding a turned and painted column. This functions as a support to the sleeping platform above it. The bulk of the stove also removes your attention away from the neatly recesses of the dining table and kitchen beyond it. A uniform material and color all throughout lends a sense of unity.

While large items of furniture make splendid focal points, they can be heavy. Here, two slabs of granite are used to protect the pine floor.

6 Best Things to Consider for Your Studio Apartment Layout

The back of the screen also serves as an excellent wall for framed trinkets - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 38a

  1. Do you prefer to keep the room as open as possible? Or would you want to divide it into several distinct areas? Are there changes of level or is it possible, or necessary, to even create one?
  2. Are there pieces of furniture that you can use as screening or focal points? Screens could give an air of mystery but still practical. It could entice you to see what lies behind them.
  3. Appropriately use the walls for heating, lighting, storage and display.
  4. Carefully consider your sleeping arrangements? Can the futon or sofa bed be made up in a hurry? Are you prepared to stow away the bed-linen and your bed every morning?
  5. You could choose for a bed that remains in sight, but it is often not the best idea to allow it to dominate the view. A studio apartment that looks so much like a bedroom can make guests feel uneasy, because they might thought that they are intruding.
  6. Keep cooking and eating areas close together to reduce the risk of accidents. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation. If it is possible, try to block your kitchen from general view. Nobody wants to see their dirty dishes!

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