Storage and Managing Clutter

The problem with smaller apartments is that clutter tend to build up quicker. For instance, this space has pale, neutral colors and mirrors, giving the illusion of a bigger apartment. However, it could only do as much if the room is a mess and untidy.

In any small space, it is a must to have a well-planned storage system. In some case, putting built-in units could be the best solution. As you can see in the photo, drawers and tailored shelves can put the large alcove in excellent use ; they go all the way across the space and include even the window recess.

Having custom-made shelves and drawers maximize the alcove of this apartment - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 30a

Having custom-made shelves and drawers maximize the alcove of this apartment

Nevertheless, design is essential to ensure that the storage lends a furniture feel to it. The shelves are put in a frame, and the central section have been made deeper, creating a break-front effect. This gives sufficient depth for appliances such as a television, and gives the apartment greater charm.

Organized chaos - this Parisian apartment has the mix of ecclectic market items - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 31a

Organized chaos – this Parisian apartment has the mix of eclectic market items

However, there are more straightforward ways of displaying prized possessions. Market finds and a range of framed pictures jostle for space with antique furniture and rich fabrics in the apartment in the photo. At first looks, the space seems merely cluttered, but the owner’s ability to create interesting clusters of objects gives it coherence.

Tips in Using Display Storage

  1. Look for a space for favorite items and keep them there. Objects of the same type,be they china, pictures or books, make greater impact if put in one place. In substantial quantity, books also provide noise insulation and heat.
  2. In its own right, storage has the ability to become a decorative feature. Hang cabinets and light chairs on a wall, or off from Shaker-style peg rail. You can also put a television in a redundant fireplace.
  3. Choose one: built-in shelving or free-standing? Often attractive objects, freestanding examples can be moved at a later date. However, they run the risk of not exactly fitting a space.
  4. Especially in the space above doors and in awkward corners, built-in shelves have the ability to efficiently use space,.
  5. If the wall behind open shelves has been lined with mirror, it will make the objects placed on the shelves look more grandiose. A mirror, likewise, will give impression that the room goes on behind it.
  6. Remember to store delicate objects away from stream and kitchen grease.

Tips in Using Concealed Storage

  1. Do your best to look for furniture that “disappears” when not in use, but make sure you don’t sacrifice ease of operating it.
  2. Keep a log basket or large linen handy for quick cleaning bouts when you have unexpected guests.
  3. Fit recesses such as alcoves with rails, hooks and adjustable shelves.
  4. Built-in storage blends easily into the environment. Treat custom-made units the same way as adjacent walls to make them seem less conspicuous.

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