Go for ‘Cool and Simple’ Designs

If you ever had a chance to spend some time in a boat or a beach hut (see photo below) you are surely aware of the charm that such small spaces have. Your small apartment, likewise, has one of its own. You just have to make it come out!

Beach cottage inspired apartment - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 8a

Beach cottage inspired apartment

For most of us, it is unthinkable to decorate and use a space of this size. Interestingly, a mix of one or two textures and a nostalgic approach to furnishing and decorating had turned this beach hut into a small space packed with cool factor.

You will be surprised how a space-deficient area can inspire you to come up with unique design solutions. For instance, a console table in this chic-ly furnished studio apartment functions as a dressing table, and a glass screen with etched designs allows the light to playfully move around the roof. All these while still ensuring an atmosphere of enclosure in the living area.

The console table is also a dressing table - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 9a

The console table is also a dressing table

A bird’s eye view of a simply furnished small studio apartment exhibits a winning combination of muted color palette and natural materials.

Plain color and natural materials in a simply-furnished studio - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 6a

Plain color and natural materials in a simply-furnished studio

In a minimal apartment interior, storage units that are both bold and simple, yet attached to the wall are not only decorative but also practical.

6 Things to Consider in Making Good Use of Small Apartment Space

  1. Position pieces of furniture on areas where they make the most creative and economical use of space.
  2. While a knee-jerk reaction is to exclude big items of furniture from a tiny space, an oversized but attractive piece can serve as a pièce de résistance, an excellent focal point in a small apartment.
  3. Make good use of “enlarging devices” such as monochrome schemes and mirrors. A room will also give an illusion of being large if a minimal approach to furniture and soft furnishings is employed.
  4. If you have an attic or a basement at your disposal, you may want to convert them to extend your living area.
  5. Be aware of your storage requirements, especially the best way in including them into your overall plan. Remember that that even awkward corners and shallow recesses can be maximized. They can provide display and storage space with properly fitted shelves.
  6. Why ignore the area above your head? Decorative items or collections can be displayed using a narrow shelf at picture rail height.

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