Enhancing Hidden Gems

Contrary to popular opinion, all types of spaces have hidden gems. Even if it is a small apartment, you will be surprised that it has interesting assets to help you with design ideas. For example, a simple archway, like the one below, is excellent in framing the view into a cleverly-furnished sleeping room.

An archway is an interesting asset in this apartment - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 11a

An archway is an interesting asset in this apartment

You can also add drama through drapery on double doors, and with an added bonus that they are space-efficient as well. Similar to screens, archways are helpful in separating and defining spaces. They have the ability to add sophistication to a studio apartment, even with less than the ideal size.

Lavish and ornate designs can easily overpower a room, thus architectural features should be kept as simple as you can in a small apartment. Most of all, it is most likely impossible to appreciate them from a distance given the space constraints.

High-Ceiling = Additional Room

A hidden sleeping area placed above eye-level - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 10a

A hidden sleeping area placed above eye-level

In a loft-style apartment, placing a sleeping area above level can hide it from view. Adding a platform on one end of a room with high ceilings can effectively increase the floor plan and create another room i.e. a bedroom above and a small bathroom below it. Built-in cabinets can also be integrated on the framework supporting the platform.

Use ladder in lieu of stair cases in small spaces. Aside from being compact, they are cheaper to build, and easily stowed away when not in use. But, take note, it is better to put fixed stairs if areas placed high are constantly accessed.

6 Ways to Best Use Color in a Small Apartment

Before a closet, now a bathroom with yellow wall and midnight-blue woodork - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 13a

Before a closet, now a bathroom with yellow wall and midnight-blue woodwork

  1. Daytime rooms are at their best when painted in airy, light colors. This will give the space the illusion of looking bigger.
  2. Use green or blue paint on areas receiving more sun for the rest of the day. This will give it a vibrant and fresh atmosphere.
  3. Use warm colors (e.g. soft yellow), with a hint of lime green for rooms facing north to reduce its gloomy gray color.
  4. Use dark, strong colors for your night time rooms. It lends a more formal atmosphere, best suited to electric and warm candle glow.
  5. Painting the ceiling 2-3 shades darker than the walls will make it appear lower. On the other hand, paint a pale, cool color if you want it to look “higher”. Also, use a strong color at the narrow room’s end wall to make it look wider and nearer.
  6. Painting parts of your small apartment differently can help define areas from one another. You can emphasize and “anchor” the living area with a bright, colorful statement rug; or, to make each areas smoothly flow, paint adjoining areas with color of similar intensities.

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