Why Decorate a Small Apartment?

For a lot of working people, living in a small studio apartment is  normal. This is due to the very high price of real estate in busy cities, and a growing demand for individual spaces with privacy.

It is possible to decorate a studio apartment. However, it is often not easy to feel stimulated by a room that is the size of your average cupboard. The hardest part is knowing where to begin. We repeatedly ask the same question:  “How to decorate a studio apartment on a budget?”

Your Small Apartment, Your Lifestyle

Think deeply about how you want your apartment to fit into your lifestyle. It would be helpful to make a checklist of a space’s main features to have a general view of what your priorities are.

If your apartment is the place where you will most likely live and work, your needs will, of course, be poles apart from someone who uses his apartment merely as a sleeping area.

Also, living alone also gives you more legroom to do everything as you please. On the other hand, a couple or somebody starting a family will have different demands to meet on a limited space. In short, you should plan your small apartment design accordingly.

Make a Scale/Floor Plan of the Apartment

Even with a small apartment (whether it is a studio apartment or a loft), the most important step is to draw up a scale and a floor plan of your place. It will be the blueprint of your area, and the launching point of your decorating campaign. The process can also spark some small apartment design ideas, as it could help you identify potential problematic corners or awkward areas.

It might sound complicated, and very far from Feng Shui principles of design (e.g. no cascading water to the east, or put a blooming, potted plant on the west). However, this floor plan is crucial because it will help you determine the purpose of every square meter (or foot, if you are American) of your small space.

It is better to decide early while the room is bare. Who knows, your bedroom could eventually function as a living room to entertain occasional visitors. Moreover, you would also have to rethink how you will work your way around a kitchen that is likely fixed near the sink.

Some people have their quirks — while there are those who need a separate desk for their mini-office, there are others who are fine working in the dining table.

Think Over What You Already Have

Time for bedtime! Move the small table and open the sofa to a queen-sized bed - Studio Small Apartment Design Ideas 35c

As people move from one apartment to another, especially in any neighborhood near a business district, it is seldom that they move with only their clothes in tow. You might already have a couple of pieces of furniture with you, perhaps a divan that you enjoy having a quick nap on after work, or a leather armchair to catch your favorite show on Netflix.

But you should also rewire your brain that when you move to your new place and begin coming up with small apartment design ideas, would it be best to dispose a couple of unnecessary things to make your new abode livable? If you were never a fan of wine and cheese, why hold on to a dozen or two wine glasses, in mint condition inside their boxes?

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